what is DRIVENet?

Funded by WSDOT, Digital Roadway Interactive Visualization and Evaluation Network (DRIVENet) is an on-line transportation platform aimed at data sharing, integration, visualization, and analysis. The system provides users with the capability to store, access, and manipulate data from anywhere as long as they have Internet connections. The goal of this study is to remove the barriers existing in the current datasets archived by WSDOT, and to achieve the integration and visualization of information needed for decision support. The research findings will not only include data fusion techniques and database design details, but will also be delivered in a functioning DRIVE Net archive service capable of collecting detector data from all WSDOT Regions and incorporating third party data from both the WITS, INRIX and weather databases. Roadway geometric data are properly stored in an open-sourced geospatial database, and seamlessly connect with the traditional transportation database (i.e. loop detector data, weather data, WITS data and INRIX data). The existing data archiving systems, CD Analyst and Flow, are successfully recoded and redesigned for better stability and reliability. A series of loop data quality control algorithms is automated in the backend. These processed data are used to generate WSDOT’s Gray Notebook statistics, and available for WSDOT personnel to visualize and produce the annual and quarterly congestion report through the DRIVENet system. Additionally, a HCM 2010 Level of Service (LOS) module and mobile sensing data analysis module are incorporated into DRIVE Net for freeway performance measures and pedestrian trajectory reconstruction respectively.